Welcome to!
Here you can walk online through virtual mazes. Choose a random way, or find the exit systematically. Every week a new maze.
Look at the table for all mazes, in which you can see how often the exit is found, real-time.
Or choose a maze of the selection in the menu on the left.

An easy start
You can start with the two simple demo mazes.
The first demo is a circle with an entrance and an exit, specially to train your 'sense of direction'.

The second demo maze is called Demo1. It's a short simple version, to practice and to get an impression.
It appears that most visitors stop at the middle of the maze. But the beginning is the most difficult part. When you reach the middle, you'll reach the end fast! So don't quit, it's only a small demo! Try to find the exit!

Look at the hints for help with solving the mazes.

Make your own maze!
You have the possibility to make your own maze on To walk through yourself, or to let others walk through! Start here!
The best rated mazes will appear here left at the menu under User-made mazes.

Keep looking at for new mazes every week!


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